lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Learning technologies in the classroom

Apparently, the use of ICT’s has, gradually, become part of the learning-teaching English classroom, and as such, teachers should be aware of how to use them adequately. In addition, taking into consideration the purpose behind its use, and what is wanted to achieve throughout these resources within the learning process. In this sense, this implies much more than just knowing about ICT’s, it is considering the way of implementing and adapting this tool to the learner(‘s) necessities. However, some teachers are, probably, still learning to manage the learning technologies, and others reluctant to even dare to make use of these tools. As a result, the manifestation of many reasons for not obliging with the progress of what could be called a technological methodology as the existence of many positive aspects that support the idea of learning technologies. Nevertheless, maybe the starting point is to question ourselves if the learning technologies favor ‘the student(s)’ and if we are prepared to take advantage of these.


The Role of Technology in teaching and the classroom by Marc Prensky

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky

Computer Assisted Language Learning: an Introduction by Mark Warschauer

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