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After reading about the netiquette rules, one may think that a few guidelines, as in any civilized society, can help to avoid chaos amongst "netizens". However, having clear the starting point, lack of visual-gesture contact, is very important as to be sure on what is being written (meant) by taking into consideration those who are to read one's message. That is why, writing carefully is extremely necessary because, in this case, it is almost entirely the only way to get your message through. Eventhough, the use of emoticons have pretty much helped to satisfy the demands to fill this gap. Moreover, analysing the rules a bit, words, such as, remember the human, respect, help, share, be forgiving, act accordingly, think twice, give credit, be responsible, and so on, show more or less the posture one should maintain when writing on the net. So if a teacher of English is going to use this tool for his/her class, not only is the learning of English vocabulary, grammar, writing, etc, going to occupy a great deal of the class but, also, the appropriateness and idealness of it's use in order to accomplish effective communication.

"Teaching: more than just lecturing" (Roettger, Roettger, Walugembe, 2007)

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  1. I agree with you. Non-verbal communication which is as powerful as words needs to be dealt in a different way in online environments. Hence, the need to follow some basic rules (Netiquette). However, learning how to use them won't take much time, but it is important to stress (whenever we can) the need to communicate respectfully online.

  2. That's right, teaching is definetely more than just lecturing! I wanted to add that we also must control our use of smileys, they are a tool and not the solution for everything. I have chat with some people that use smileys for everything! For long words and when they write a full sentence you just have a bunch of smileys doing different things at the same time that didn't really help you understand the message! Have that happen to you?