miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Web searching

As technology users, we may find many useful tools and probably one of the most handy/important of these is the web. This technological device offers a huge amount of information, presented in different ways, such as, videos, texts, audios, and so on, with a great variety of topics. Therefore, as to be responsible teachers, save time and select appropriate material we need to become efficient at its use. And among one of the web's uses, we have the web search engines which should smoothen our seeking of materials or activities for the class. To this matter, I learnt that this isn't just a matter of typing in keywords, but also the knowing that recent material is unlikely to be found and the adequate use of symbols ("", +, -, *, etc.), as seen in this module, make the search much more productive. However, the web search does not end here, though, one may find many results. So the next step to be considered would be the validity or reliability of the sites encountered by asking the 'W' questions and the 'H' questions, just as shown on the video of this forum. Consquently, one will not only benefit from following these steps, but can also induce students to becoming web literates.

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  1. I agree. Web searching and evaluating are two basic, important IT skills we should learn ourselves and teach our students.