viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Copyright resources

As a teacher of English as a foreign or second language, one's duty is to offer the student(s) a variety of material and activities. Moreover, one of the most practical ways is by means of virtual and printed material, and as seen on the British Council presentation, there are some limitations even for educational purposes. Thus, teacher practicality is not the synonym of license to use any virtual, printed or recorded material freely, plus, overstepping the limits given by all rights reserved and creative commons may be cause of punishment as it is against the law. What's more, as 'well-being practitioners', 'role models', teachers, we should avoid being regardless about the respect we owe other people's work.

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  1. Great post. Yes, we should make use of what's available to teach, but we should at least aknowledge who the author was (unless we have designed the material ourselves). This will provide the grounds to bring about good citizens and make them aware of the importance of respecting someone else's work or creation.