sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Integrating the web

One may see the web as a way of giving a class and, even worse, the class fulfiller, yet, through this module we can clearly testify that this is not so. If a certain amount of dedication isn't given to the planning of a class, even a good website with lots of activities can become a mess. In the past module we evaluated and selected sites, and saw the usefulness of fully educational websites in a given context, but understood that these could also distract students from their tasks. That is maybe the importance of acknowledging the sites as mere resources as to have clear that without a proper lesson plan we are doublty to accomplish objectives.


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  1. Using the LTs for the buzz and thrill will only end up in reproducing what we do in the classroom or choosing tools that might be fantastic for the teacher but not for the student. So planning and choosing careful the web tools we are going to use is a MUST. We have to meet the lesson’s language objective, choose the tools that works for a lesson, make the lesson as interactive as possible and always count on technical support.