sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Evaluating and Selecting Websites

The web has plenty of information and many uses (from entertainment to serious and academic areas), thus, the demanding task of the teacher to evaluate and select proper and adequate sites to be used 'during' a class. But the taking into consideration several aspects before setting forth a website is necessary as to have a solid basis on which to confirm the validity and congruency of such. Personally, the few times I have recommended websites, evaluating and selecting them have not been consciously using the criterias seen in this module, however, there were a few things taken into account such as level and appropriacy to the students. Now, in this module, a logical view on how to choose a suitable website was offered and I believe that the information is going to be of great help to feel more confident when applying and using this tool for class purposes.


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  1. Yes Johann. Especially for teachers who are starting to approach the web for the first time a set of criteria to follow is necessary. This will help them make sensible choices and avoid surprises when working with their students in the classroom or when asking them to do online homework / tasks.