miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Office applications

Maybe one of the most available learning technologies at school level is the Office applications as many schools don’t have access to internet and not even a computer room. Additionally, various may be their use for class activities and, yet, ignored as such, like in my personal experience. That is why, after going through the previous modules, I was able to realize the number of activities one can produce using Office applications. Although, as equally crucial is the approach to present these activities to the students (as a whole or in parts) during the class. Therefore, I consider that the success behind the use of these tools lies in the attractiveness of the activity by taking into consideration the adequacy of the content-student(s).

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  1. That's right Johann. Sometimes we take for granted Office Applications and there's a lot they have to offer to the untrained eye. As teachers we know more or less the ingredients a "good" lesson needs. What we have to find is an appropriate approach (e.g. Whole-class teaching) to suit our students'needs and context.